2,700 km Away And The Internet Brings Us Together!

Posted: September 16, 2010 in Uncategorized

Two classes are coming together  to make one giant hive and they are all buzzing with ideas. We are from Wingham, Ontario and they are from Snow Lake, Manitoba which is 2,700 km away. 

  But what the heck is idea hive and no we are not bee’s. We are kids from  grade 7/8   connecting  with a different school 2,700 km away from Wingham. The Internet bring us together with Mrs. Durnin  and Mr.Fisher who created idea hive isn’t technology amazing?  We Are really not that different we both go to school so why doesn’t every class do this?

There are 25 kids in are class and 25 kids in theirs they are connecting with us from Snow Lake, Manitoba  some of them are like my twins they like the same thing I do. I like Facebook and I like to play Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and so does Kade. But I am not the only person who plays Call Of Duty in fact my friend is a girl named Hailey and there is not many girls who plays Call Of Duty.  I like dirt biking and so does Brady and Austin and almost all of the kids have pets. But there is one thing that no one else has. I have 97  fish  in counting! Yes that is alot but you see I have a pond. We breed the gold fish in the tank and then we put them in the pond. Then we always have the hardest time trying to get the fish out of the pond before the winter. So they don’t freeze to death. Try to imagine catching 97  fish and their still breeding. I think were going to need a bigger pond soon.

My perspective on this project is that it is awesome because we can get to know what its like over in Manitoba. And ask what kind of wild life they have and ask  if  its cold when its hot over here.  Its fun connecting with another school. And the best of all we are the first class to ever do this!

Tune in next time and I’ll know more about the bee’s from Manitoba, hopefully.

  1. Hello! I agree with your fourth paragraph and I am thinking that this project is really fun! Anyway, I am just wondering, how many hits do you have on your blog? Did you ever have any pets other than fish?
    Please answer me!

  2. hero2game says:

    I love your literal humor concerning the fact that we do not have wings, anteni, or six legs and yes tech is great.
    sounds like you have a conundrum there with the fish i wonder how do you get them out, would you fish for them or use an net.
    I am curios about your wild animals 2.

    • averbons says:

      Hi and if you wanna know how I get the fish out is I drain the whole pond and then we have to catch them as soon as possible. So they dont die from no water what kind of wild animals do you guys have?

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